Monday, March 26, 2012


[photos are not my own]

After several years of looking in the mirror to the same hair-do and hairstyle I've decided enough is enough. I will no longer listen to my hairdressers pleas not to change my hair and do something. I wish I was brave enough to start off with something drastic but first thing I need to do is learn how to braid, no I don't know how to braid, I'm not that great at even plaiting my own hair. Once I've mastered that I'll be one step closer to doing something more permanent.
Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last Dinosaurs

A long time ago by some fluke I came across the band Last Dinosaurs. When I discovered them they were very small, they still are but not to the same extent. They've gone from having only an EP and a small handful of people at gigs knowing their songs to releasing their debut album, being heavily featured on Triple J and selling out their shows. One thing is certain, these guys are destined to be big.

Soon to head over to the UK the Last Dinosaurs have come a long way from when the four young Brisbane boys first met up in high school. Their new album In a Million Years is influenced by relationships, youth and time. Something I'm sure we can all relate to. This album stays true to their upbeat style and harmonic vocals and as always the urge to dance is immediate.

If you're remotely interested in what I've been talking about or want a little bit of music to fill that silent void then look no further.

Chain Reaction

Somewhere along the line of not having a boyfriend for a number of years I've fallen into the lesbian category. Now there's nothing wrong with lesbians, I have numerous bi-sexual and homosexual friends and they are very important to me. But I find it shocking that as soon as I become boyfriend-less for a number of years my family begins to question my sexuality.

I don't know if anyone finds this the case, but finding a good suited guy in todays world is hard. It could be due to the terrible ratio of men to women but also the fact that it's hard to know where to go to find ones that don't just want to sleep with you. I know they're out there, hiding in some off-beat music shop or helping old ladies cross the road.

But until the day that I find that special someone I guess I'll just have to bear being the lesbian of the family. And have to face those terrible stares and the even more terrible double-ended question "so, have you got a boyfriend yet?" Which gets repeated far to often.

To those who have found their other half, cherish the moment and know that your sexuality will never be questioned again.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A special find

[photo is not my own]

I've kept this store to myself for long enough, so I think it's time to do the right thing and share it with you all. Galibardy is a jewellery brand specialising in the odd and beautiful, there's even some for you boys as well!

Galibardy's style is certainly eclectic and animals have a strong presence in their collection. A favourite of mine is the stag skull ring, which looks a little on the eery side but is so unusual it's a must. And seeing as I'm generally ring obsessed adding another to my already overflowing collection works fine with me. The price isn't quite as cheap as i'm used to, yes I hate to admit it but I usually buy the cheap stuff, but it's still within the budget and you know it's going to last.

So if you want to adorn your hands and neck with something that no one else is likely to have then visit and stand out from the crowd! They even have inter nation shipping, perfect!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mr Maticevski

Maticevski recently closed the show at the Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in Melbourne. This was my first year that I wasn't at the festival and I've been really feeling it. I missed out on some amazing and astonishing designers and Toni Maticevski was one of them.

Originally from Melbourne Maticevski perfected his skills at Donna Karen in New York. The Label was created in 1999 and has stunned crowds the world around ever since.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The fundamentals

[photos are not my own]

I've realised that my job is all about inspiration. Without it, it just won't work.

A lot of my inspiration comes from events that I go to, but the rest is images that make me dream.

Everyone's inspirations are different but there's nothing better than that moment where you just can't stop typing or stop the ideas flowing.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Yes, please

-these lovely shots are from the Planet Blue Lookbook-
With my newly inflated bank balance I can't think of anything better to do than to shop. When I came across these beauties I knew I had to get them.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Last night

Last night I was lucky enough to go and see My Week with Marilyn, which for a while didn't seem like it was going to be screened at my local cinema! Where I live the film has clearly been understated and only one of the cinemas shows it and with very few screenings. It's a shame really because it's been pushed aside for the main stream and higher grossing films.

I could go on and on and on about this movie because it is truly one of a kind. The acting skills of all the actors, but in particular Michelle Williams are amazing. Williams portrays Marilyn spot on, and from all the biopic movies about Marilyn that there are, this one comes out the best. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this opinion but whenever you watch a Marilyn Monroe film, she is utterly mesmerising. And Michelle Williams had me, and I'm sure everyone, fooled.

The movie itself follows the brief moments a 23 year old third assistant has with her. Colin Clarke, like many of the men, becomes bewitched by all that she is, and at 7 years her junior falls in love with her. The movie is set whilst Marilyn was working with Laurence Olivier filming The Prince and the Showgirl. So it also touches on Marilyn's reported bad behaviour and crazy antics while filming.

While Colin spends his magical week with Marilyn he witnesses the cracks behind the Marilyn Monroe mirage. Monroe in fact wasn't loved by her mother as a child, her mother was sent to an asylum at a young age and as a result Marilyn has many deep-rooted issues. Her manager and acting coach pump her with pills to try and maintain her problems and keep her on a short leash, but in turn make them worse.

Judi Dench, whom we all love her, also has a minor role in this film. She plays the late Dame Sybil Thorndike and as always does it tremendously.

If you've ever had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe this film is definitely worth seeing as it offers a different insight into her life and one that often isn't often unveiled. It also gives you a glimpse of Marilyn behind the public persona she created.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bird Eyes

by Anthony Schneider

I apologise for the length of this post, but this story is just so magical and special that I had to share it with you all.

A colored droplet in the retina that acts like a clever pair of
sunglasses, not blocking but amplifying light, adding visual spectra,
clarifying and delineating. A leaf, a brick, each a quivering mass, thousands
of wriggling colors. See spots run. As a young girl, she was rapt, quietly
thrilling with her own vision, her eyes dark and slick, like gems floating in
crude oil. She could discern the muscles of a bird in flight. Raindrops were
kaleidoscopic. That man's socks don't match. Little Avianne, pointing it out
only because she knew others couldn't see it, no matter how obvious, glaring
even, to her. And the man across the street, half a block away, walking

Avianne in the park, swinging on a swing. Motes of dust like snow, only
swirling, not falling. Light was alive. Her eyes contained multiple foveae.
Regions we don't possess. Her mother laughed. She's a godsend, that girl. Lost
an earring? Ask Avianne. Dropped a contact lens? Ask Avianne. She found five
wallets in parking lots. In a single year. And then stopped looking. The
presence of different carotenoids. The earth was a comedian of glitter--her
phrase--ants complex monsters.

A family holiday in Vermont. Her brother chewing gum and pulling her hair;
their mother saying stop that. When a buck stopped at the side of the road, she
said, Wait, he's going to move. And he did. She saw it in his eyes. She saw

Can we say there is beauty in all things? Or does abundance rob appreciation?
Soda water bubbles were magnificent. A flower or leaf, unflushed shit in the
toilet, all complex and wonderful. But a garden was chaos, a riot of color and
geometry and muck. Brick walls made her dizzy; subways you can imagine. A human
face became unbearable after a while: too many fissures, splotches, fleshy
divots, little hairs and discolorations--so unpristine. The world, it seemed,
was not well, was not of one mind.

She sat mesmerized before the rising sun. The light, she would say, her
lustrous eyes wide with wonder. A true tetrachromat, she saw millions of
colors. But couldn't share. Words were hopelessly inadequate. Nor could any
camera capture the world she saw. Can there be too many colors? No one else in
her aerie, although some of us tried to understand. Believing was seeing.

Short wavelengths in the violet region of the spectrum. At the symphony, she
couldn't bear the movement and distraction. A man near the front picking his
nails. Snot oozing from the right nostril of the second violinist, glimmering
under the lights. Better not to look, better only to listen. Sure enough, the
violinist stifled a sneeze during the adagio. A doctor explained: Our own
sensory experience provides little understanding.

Perpetually vanishing. She forgot immediately what she saw. Can humankind not
bear such clarity? Go, go, go, said the bird. Riding the subway: That man, she
said, eyes wide. What's that? But forgot what she had seen, and her face
crumpled, went soft with trying to remember.

Thick oil on canvas, swirls of color shining snugly atop gesso. Photography she
had little time for. Grain and fuzz, not enough dots per inch. Blur. Movies
were the same, TV almost indecipherable. Meanwhile, ambitious doctors wanted to
write articles. Her sight is. She has the most peculiar. Her family said no. We
don't reveal ourselves.

Does the extraordinary eventually become ordinary, plethora the norm? Most
lives, in the end, appear to be one kind of tragedy or another. She joked about
crow's feet, about flying the coop. What the ophthalmologists didn't know: what
happens when vision goes? Out of sight, out of mind. You don't see a pigeon
with glasses. Diminution would be blindness; and the blind bird dies.

If only..

If only my bank balance were large enough to accommodate my Elie Saab wardrobe dreams. But that day will probably never come, unless I marry a millionaire. But who marries for just money these days?

If Elie Saab is a designer you're scouring your brain for images of then look no further. Celebrities often strut their stuff in his fantastically sculpted and flattering wares. And with how gorgeous they photograph it's a no brainer why he's such a successful designer.

Blake Lively adds a casual twist to this divine number.

A lot of Rihanna's outfits for me come out to harsh. But this elegant red lace dress does wonders for her physique and with her fiery curly red hair make her mesmerising.

The slightly "tomboyish" Mila Kunis looks soft and elegant in Elie Saab's lavender number. The photo really doesn't do justice to it's intricate layers and delicate design. But on Mila it makes her look every inch a lady.