Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chain Reaction

Somewhere along the line of not having a boyfriend for a number of years I've fallen into the lesbian category. Now there's nothing wrong with lesbians, I have numerous bi-sexual and homosexual friends and they are very important to me. But I find it shocking that as soon as I become boyfriend-less for a number of years my family begins to question my sexuality.

I don't know if anyone finds this the case, but finding a good suited guy in todays world is hard. It could be due to the terrible ratio of men to women but also the fact that it's hard to know where to go to find ones that don't just want to sleep with you. I know they're out there, hiding in some off-beat music shop or helping old ladies cross the road.

But until the day that I find that special someone I guess I'll just have to bear being the lesbian of the family. And have to face those terrible stares and the even more terrible double-ended question "so, have you got a boyfriend yet?" Which gets repeated far to often.

To those who have found their other half, cherish the moment and know that your sexuality will never be questioned again.

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