Sunday, October 21, 2012

thoughtful ink

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Everyone has their own reason for liking Freja Beha, mine doesn't really have much to do with
her beauty. Although she is undeniably gorgeous, heck she is a model after all!
But the main reason I respect Freja is for her unflinching desire for tattoos. I too, love a bit
of ink on skin, whether it be a meaningful one or something that simply looks beautiful. 
Typically models are meant to be a "blank canvas" so the designer can make them suit whatever
style their line is. So for a model to get tattoos, and as many as Freja has, I think that's
a beautiful thing. Because it shows that she's not afraid to be her own person and have it
permanently inked on her skin. Sorry for the super cryptic kind of post, I just saw a 
photo of her and it reminded me why I got my tattoo. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the rise of Mulholland

I recently picked up Fallen magazine and was delighted when I 
stumbled across the work of Emma Mulholland adorning their pages.
A born and bred Australian, Emma's designs are heavily influenced 
by her many years growing up on our wonderful beaches. 
Her most recent collection is inspired by Mexico and cactuses and 
colour are scattered over almost every item. 
Emma's works are so original I can't think of another designer like her. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Second Comings

Armed with a new hair cut and a slightly different sound, but still as lovely as ever, 
Natasha Khan is really making waves in the music industry. 

I've been a long fan of Bat For Lashes, and so far I'm loving what I'm hearing of 
their new album, The Haunted Man. Having her as a headline for St. Jeromes 
Laneway Festival just has me even more exited. 

She's even covered a Rihanna song, that just melts into your ears. But as if that's 
anything knew. Her voice has always, and will always, be one of those hauntingly
beautiful things. Let's just hope she never leaves the industry!

And here's one of her newies... 

Friday, October 12, 2012

k is for kani


I don't know about you but I get such joy out of finding wonderful creative people
making a living out of what they love. Kani is no exception to this rule, and as you 
can see she loves her head ware! K is for Kani is her own wonderful creation where she 
sells headbands, clips, bows and even necklaces all at a very reasonable price.
I can't help but feel extra proud of the fact she is not only Australian but from Melbourne!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


So the creative, and oh so very crafty, lady behind I Love Crafty has come out
with a new collection, Feline Fatale. I can honestly say my prayers have been
answered, as I am a huge cat lover and also rather broke. 
As a sign to how awesome this collection is even Motel Rocks are stocking
it. So go on and get shopping! 
Oh and I should probably mention she does have other collections, such
as teacups and mermaids, bliss!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simple brownie recipe

My biggest weakness in life, like many I'm sure, is chocolate. There's something about that milky dark substance that has me craving it all hours of the day. So, this recipe is for those of you, like me, who love a chocolatty snack every now and then. I've used this recipe multiple times and to this day I've never has an issue so hopefully it's the same for you. 

300g dark chocolate
1 1/4 cup caster sugar
3/4 cup plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
3 eggs

Step One: Preheat oven to 180C and grease tray, I used one about 25cmx15cm. 

Step Two: Chop up all butter and 200g of chocolate, mix in a saucepan and melt. Stir until smooth. Make sure you keep it on a low heat because there's no coming back from burnt chocolate!!

Step three: Chop up your walnuts, I like to have random sizes because I like my brownies crunchy. Measure the rest of your ingredients. 

Step four: Combine chocolate mixture with chopped walnuts in a large bowl. Gradually add flour, cocoa, sugar and eggs - alternate between wet and dry ingredients. 

Step five: Chop remaining chocolate and stir into mixture. Pour mixture into baking tray and smooth out until even.

Step six: Get about a handful of walnuts and chop until fine. Sprinkle over the mix in the tray. As well as the walnuts sprinkle about 2 tsps of cocoa over the mix as well. This may sound weird but it adds a really nice crust/finish to the brownies.

Step seven: Bake for about 40mins in oven - it may need a little longer depending on your oven. Test the brownies with a skewer, if it comes out clean they're ready!

Step eight: (The best step) Cut them up, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Insta-happy life: September

September has just flown by! It's a little scary thinking how quickly the year is whizzing by.
It's been yet another busy month for me, I really can't wait to just have a nice long break,
lounging by a beach in some tropical country - so hopefully I'm going to Vietnam in February!

//sipping a chai latte before the Melbourne Writers Festival // Madly writing my review after my 
first Fringe Festival show// Little bit of retail therapy // flowers from the garden // 
a morning pick me up after a late night of dancing // home made chicken, pumpkin & spinach pizza //giving Molly kisses // finally got a new camera, prepare for good quality photos! // impromptu beach visit after some surprise weather //

You may have noticed that a few things have changed on the making of things. I'm gradually
(snails are faster) trying to give it a facelift, but via html - hence why it is taking me longer
and Google is in overload. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Deco me crazy

I always seem to find myself redecorating, I'm not sure 
if it's because I'm unhappy with the current design or simply that there
are so many that I want to try and experience living in.
When I came across Erin's Pinterest (the lovely lady behind 
apartment 34) I knew I was in trouble. After seeing all of 
the wonderful interior decoration that she has to offer I've come
to the conclusion I simply don't have enough rooms in my house.