Monday, March 26, 2012


[photos are not my own]

After several years of looking in the mirror to the same hair-do and hairstyle I've decided enough is enough. I will no longer listen to my hairdressers pleas not to change my hair and do something. I wish I was brave enough to start off with something drastic but first thing I need to do is learn how to braid, no I don't know how to braid, I'm not that great at even plaiting my own hair. Once I've mastered that I'll be one step closer to doing something more permanent.
Stay tuned.


  1. I wish I was able to do braided hairstyles like that as well. They seem so simple but end up being a royal pain in the butt.

  2. Couldn't agree more, there's such a difference between braiding and plaiting. I'm so jealous of the girls that can do both with ease!

    a - x

  3. Those braided styles inspire me, but I can't get one to stick in my hair! Plus, I am lazy. Good luck choosing a new 'do!


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