Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh my, Mecino!

[photos are not my own]

While on the hunt for a gift for my friends birthday I frequented a lot of markets, looking for the perfect gift. And I found it.

With delicate and reasonably priced jewellery Mecino's work is truly one of a kind. Their jewellery ranges from necklaces to earrings and are made in delicate bronze and silvers. Owls and birds are a frequent across their range, with the exception of this wonderful octopus necklace which I am in love with.

Safe to say my friends birthday present is sorted, as well as a present for myself.

Get yours here:


  1. aw these are so cute! x

  2. the octopus is so sweet! Have you worn them yet?

    1. I actually bought the octopus for my friend, she loved it! However I am tempted to get one for myself...

      a - x


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