Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lovely lady


As you may have noticed I have recently joined the Lana Del Rey bandwagon, and it's hard to deny that she is a stunner. 

She recently did a shoot for Vogue Australia that was shot by Nicole Bentley and this is the result, in one simple editorial she has brought a whole new element to Vogue! 

I must admit I didn't discover this shoot on my own and I have the lovely blog The Electric to thank.


  1. LDR looked beautiful in this editorial. She is just an inspiration to many. You should check out this drawing of her:


  2. The first image is so beautiful. Her hair is stunning in this editorial too.

  3. god do i love her too- i love her 60s/70s classic vibe. i wish everyone still dressed like that :))

  4. wow. absolutely stunning. thanks for sharing!

    xx sarah

  5. lana is perfect and i love all these images.x

  6. She looks so lovely, I wish I knew how to braid my hair like hers. I afraid I'm still not familiar with her music, although I am familiar with her name.

    Very belated thanks for your lovely comment! I had a phenomenal time in Asia.

  7. That is a gorgeous photoshoot! Absolutely gorgeous.

    attempted ambition blog

  8. I really am adoring Lana as well, I particularly like the black and white one. Such classical beauty. Almost reminds me of Jacky O.

  9. I've recently become a huge Lana fan, she is so gorgeous! I love all these photos, and your blog is amazing by the way!

    dozen dresses

  10. What a beautiful shooting of her!

    Would be a pleasure if you visit me too,

  11. all of these photos are inspiring!

    lindsey louise

  12. amazing photos!!!! your blog is really great!!! maybe we can follow each other if you like !? let me know :-) greetings from germany


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