Friday, September 7, 2012

Looking back: August

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It's hard to believe another month has flown by, and with each month we hurtle closer and closer to christmas. It's exciting and scary with how fast time flies. 

I realise this is a slightly delayed look at August but I just really wanted to write about the time I've had - because there have been some goodies!

August brought me a lot, and really opened my eyes to the possibility of having a career in writing.

- my long lovely holiday ended, and classes began
-I started a new job at the lovely Peter Alexander
-I attended the Melbourne Writers Festival and got inspiration beyond belief
- I read and read and read
-I had a lovely, and much needed, catch up dinner with all my high-school pals
- I shopped more than I should have shopped
-I attended the Media Talks forum, which I will write about soon.
-Planning of my trip to Vietnam with my mother went underway.

The thing is, although August was a great month (aside from the crappy weather) I'm really excited for September! If all goes to plan it's going to be a great month, here's why. 

-I will be seeing the amazing Children Collide perform (this Saturday, yay!)
-If my application is accepted I will be on the Editorial Committee for Express Media
- Will be witnessing some insertional artworks in the 'Creature Feature' exhibition
- Going on holidays again, alas only for 10-days but still worth it!
- Have a jam-packed two-days and will see a friend play, Alpine play and The Medics play
- Be writing for Express Media and reviewing the Melbourne Fringe Festival (free entry included!)
- Celebrating with a friend his birthday
- Plus hopefully lots and lots more reading!

So you can see why I'm excited! Also it's finally better weather, so I'll be enjoying the lovely new foliage and weather that is Spring!

Hope you all have an amazing September x


  1. Ah jealous you're going to see Alpine play! Hope you have an amazing month and looking forward to hearing about your writing things :-)

    1. Yeah I'm actually super excited about it, I've seen them play a few times but they've never been the feature.
      Thank you, I really hope so.

      a - x

  2. your september sounds amazing. good luck with the application, you're a wonderful writer so I'm sure you'll excel.


    1. Haha I'll certainly be tired out by the end!
      Thank you, I've got my fingers and toes crossed on this one!

      a - x

  3. Great post!
    Your blog is so nice :D I really love your blog <3
    I thought maybe you want to follow eachother?
    That would be so awesome!
    Love, Anne

    1. Thank you, that means a bunch.
      No problem :)

      a - x


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