Friday, May 18, 2012

A few of my favourite things

Instead of doing the University homework that I was supposed to do during the week, I had a mini-movie marathon with some of my favourite movies. These are simply a few of the movies that make me smile, laugh out loud, clutch the armrest and sob into the cushions. Hopefully they do the same for you.

 1. 500 Days of Summer

Zooey Deschanel and her quirky persona in itself is enough reason to watch this little wonder, but the magnetism that Marc Webb creates with this film is a huge drawing card also. With each one of the 500 days Tom goes through they are no doubt a moment we've all experienced, granted Tom is incredibly unlucky in experiencing them all at once but we can't help but shamefully nod at the acknowledgement that we too have been in his exact situation.

WATCH IF: You've just found the other side of a terrible relationship and want to smile.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's

This movie is by every means a classic and I would feel incredibly dirty had I not mentioned it here. With Holly Golightly's bold character and her moments of vulnerability and Paul Varjak's charm and empowerment by finally being needed for something (other than sex), make for a thoroughly entertaining movie. And how could we forget the loveable but not always loved Cat.

WATCH IF: If you can tolerate bad ascents and cliched endings. Must love cats!

3. Never let me go

The title pretty much gives it away as a tear jerker but the plot is somewhat surprising. Ruth, Kathy and Tommy have spent their childhood at a school especially for "donors". They are raised to be at the most pristine level of health, and when they reach adulthood their sole purpose erupts. Their donations begin and one by one they slowly die after donating numerous organs to save peoples lives. Relationships blossom and so does their curiosity into understanding the world that they will so suddenly be stolen from. As you watch you can't help but feel that you too are fighting for survival, and are praying for each and every possible chance.

WATCH IF: You're not afraid of crying and want to see Keira Knightly not the main character for once.

4. Daydream Nation

If this film were a date it would be one of those awkward too-much-information exchanges that eventually turns out to be a match made in heaven. I apologize for the terrible anaolgy, but it's true. In the beginning the movie really makes you question it's plotline, at the same time as getting you in, maybe this was their plan all along?? Kat Dennings character is what really sucks you in, her cavalier behaviour towards love and feelings and her naivety almost makes you want to slap her, but in the end she sees the error in her ways and becomes part of a major twist.

WATCH IF: You like something a bit quirky that strays from the norm but still maintains it's kick.


  1. love movie marathons and all these movies. but i haven't seen daydream nation yet. now it's on my must-see list!
    hope you had a great weekend x

    1. You should definitely watch it, such an unusual but amazing movie. Kat Dennings is amazing in it as well. :)

      a - x

  2. These are some of my favourites as well!


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