Sunday, May 27, 2012

Da da da dah

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I feel terrible in only posting this story now, but a few weeks ago I saw the outrageously indie band San Cisco sing their hearts out at the Corner Hotel. Considering how utterly amazing they were I even feel guilty for mentioning it so late! 

It feels like ages ago now but back on the 2nd of May, before the weather got really chilly, me and several friends headed to Richmond for some awesome music. 

Fremantle band San Cisco were shot to fame when their song "Awkward" featured on Triple J and the 3-minute music clip to accompany it hit over 1 million views.

The lead singer Jordi Davieson looks like he still hasn't hit puberty and his voice is much the same, but amazingly it works, and without Davieson their tracks just wouldn't be the hits that they are. 

As I sipped on my cheap vodka and orange juice I couldn't help but bop around and dance to the catchy tunes that filled the bar. The audience was pumped and San Cisco were loving. There simply wasn't a song that the audience didn't sing along to. 

They began with some of their old songs, alas old to them is only 2011, "Reckless", "Golden Revolver" and radio hit "Awkward". Each song was just as catchy as the last and an album filled with these tracks are heavily awaited. 

Considering the title of their tour, The Rocket Ship Tour, their set wouldn't be complete if they didn't play their newie "Rocketship"

The crowds adoration of San Cisco was heavily fuelled on by their amazing stage presence and interaction with the audience. Fans even went as far as giving their number to drummer, Scarlett Stevens.

To put it simply, San Cisco rocked my socks off, and I think you should all add them to your iTunes! 

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