Monday, February 20, 2012

She makes wonders

"It was cold, winter morning. I observed through the window how she got out of the cab. I opened the door and for the first time I saw her gentle eyesight - eyes cold as they were a frozen ocean. Then I allowed her sleepy body to lay down on my bed.
Through the lens I followed her sad dreams. I can`t speak to You with words yet, so allow me to tell about myself on these photos, on which I`ve enchanted this little, sad girl, who is within You (and is the reflection of myself - our trembling hands, eyes, seared from light, wet with tears, and mutilated bodies)"

These are the stunningly beautiful photos and words of Laura Makabresku. I came across Laura's blog which is what started me with my obsession with her. On her blog she has her daily musings, artworks and tales of her wondrous life.


  1. Yes, Laura's photography is amazing!

  2. That's so pretty, especially the last picture, love it :)


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