Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One of a kind

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I don't think I've ever picked up a book that has been as lovely to read or look at as Pia Jane Bijkerk's book My Heart Wanders. 

Through poems, stories and photographs Pia tells the story of how her heart took her around the world and back again. 

Having been to Paris and Amsterdam I can really appreciate the photographs that she has used, and Pia has no doubt captured the beauty of each city and then some. The book has been out for a while and I feel quite slack in only just getting onto it! 

You can easily see that there has been so much thought put into the creation of this little wonder, with each delicate page that you turn the creativity and beauty only increases. 

The book has photos taken all by Pia, handwritten messages, poems and my favourite the delicate see through page at the front and little heart card that you can take from the back. One things certain, I felt all warm and fuzzy reading it!

Here's a poem to entice you some more; 

"Like a paper boat on a windy sea,
Battered and bruised from the to-ing and fro-ing.
Drenched in drops of tears that fall like rain...
I've lost sight of the shore. 

All this, yes.

But now that I am surrounded by all that is unfamiliar,
I'm more aware, more awake, than ever before. 
And with wide, clear eyes I soon find myself
In a world of wonder I never dared dream about.
It's in this world that wandering hearts come lost,
To be found."

And if all that worked for you, you can purchase the book here. If it didn't, maybe Pia's website will solve that. 


  1. beautiful blog!

    1. Thank you, that means more than you realise. :)

      a - x

  2. That book seems wonderful! With poems & photographs, this seems like something I've never encountered before! Wonderful blog :D

    1. It really is, I was surprised at how much effort and creativity has been put into it.
      Thank you :)

      a - x

  3. I love new reading recommendations! So thank you for the introduction. I'd love to visit Paris and Amsterdam one day soon. Happy reading x

    1. That's okay, they really are wonderful cities so you'll have to give them a go! Who knows maybe reading the book will be the final push.

      a - x


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