Tuesday, July 10, 2012

draw on my heart

[all images courtesy of Sarah's blog]

Whilst indulging in my online and print magazine reading there's been a reoccurrence that I can no longer ignore, and that occurrence is: Sarah Webb.

Often drawing for Milk and Honey Sarah's artworks are probably look familiar. Aside from creating her incredibly detailed and original illustrations Sarah likes to "op-shop until [her] fingers bleed" something that I've never been to great at. 

Living in Sydney it's a surprise that her artworks aren't more influenced by the beach culture that is so incredibly present. 

If you fancy Sarah's work she has her own blog, which she has been somewhat absent from of late. But I'm sure you're bound to see her works scattered through magazines and lookbooks around the world. 


  1. These are so perfect, I would happily have them on my wall as daily inspiration. I love the second illustration.

    1. To be honest I have printed out a few, you should too! They have certainly inspired me.
      The second one was actually done for the blog 'Gary Pepper Vintage', and it is lovely.

      a - x

  2. These are cute illustrations.

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