Sunday, June 3, 2012


It's funny when you think of how much you can accomplish in a mere 31 days. In comparison to a year it looks so minuscule but May was only proof of what can happen. 


-  saw the fabulous band San Cisco play at The Corner Hotel
- managed to score myself a new bar job
- saw The Avengers (not my choice, trust me!)
- baked tons and tons of cookies and cupcakes
-have numerous lunch dates with scrumptious food
-farewelled one of my amazing friends for her trip to Denmark
-attended an inspirational Global Leadership Convention (for the 2nd time)
- went to my magazine launch and gushed at my published work
- was part of a silent protest in Melbourne
- saw American Pie: The Reunion (also not my choice)

Let's just hope I can achieve just as much in June. It is holidays after all and I can't believe it but I'll be turning 20 on the 23rd! It feels like just yesterday that I was manoeuvring myself through high school. Looks like I'll finally have to grow up :) 

How was your May? 



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