Monday, June 25, 2012


[image is not my own]

I've been somewhat absent from my blog lately and for that I apologise. But I've been having so much fun it's been hard to fit in my blogging as well, although I do love to blog. 

On the 23rd it was my birthday, I don't exactly know how I feel about it. I'm 20 now, so it feels like from here on bit by bit I'm going to lose my naivety and youth. But heck, I'm only 20 so it's still a while off from that! 

Basically over the past few days I've been celebrating my birthday each and every way. I went out on the Thursday night, and lived up my last moments of being a teenager. Doing the usual things that I really shouldn't do. 

On Saturday I caught up with some of my amazing friends whom I haven't seen for ages. It was a mini-Contiki catch up reunion, and for those of you who haven't done a Contiki tour or similar, you live with these people for weeks on end so they virtually become your family. 

And lastly on Sunday night I went out with my close-knit group and had Thai for dinner at this dingy little place, but it's actually the best Thai spot around! 

I did get up to numerous other things while I was away, but I'm still busy busy busy. I promise to upload a few pics of my adventures so you can see firsthand what I've been up to. Time to get that camera developed. 

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 



  1. Really glad I came across your blog, it's lovely!

    Now following you! :)

    Please check out my blog if you can, thank you :)


    1. Thank you! That means a lot.
      I'll do it now :)

      a - x


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