Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time for sleep


It's that time of year again where Winter is showing it's chilly face. 
Everyone sees this as a terrible 3 months out of the year, but I consider it something different.
These are the months were we sit nestled up with family and friends with a hot chocolate clasped between our hands.
Meals are heavier and packed with taste. 
The months where comfort and warmth become the fashionable thing and there's no longer the need to worry about how your body looks.
If anything that extra fat will help you out in the colder months.

I only wish it snowed where I lived, so I could truly embrace a white Winter. 

{photos are not my own, they are mere discoveries}


  1. Eeek. I am moving back to Melbourne (I'm English, boyfriend is Aussie, we currently live in the UK) in August and I am so upset I'm going to have a back to back winter haha. I left Melbourne in August last year so we completely missed summer and so far England has been completely miserable the entire time we have been here. I'm dying for a little bit of sunshine. But when I have a normal experience of the seasons I agree with everything you wrote. Winter is like a little relief after a long, hot summer.

    1. That's no good! It's nice to experience summer once in a while.
      Although today was a relatively nice day, the sun was out after all :)
      Hope you manage to see some sun when you get down here.

      a - x


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