Monday, April 16, 2012

Time to party

Over the weekend I went to an event like no other, it was a street party, yes you heard correctly a party on the street. And this one was legal!

The party was at Fitzroy, Melbourne, and everyone was welcome with a minor cost of $25. Venturing out to the other side of Melbourne my friend and I got slightly lost, and followed what we thought was live music to abandoned factories. Not a good start.

Once we were on the right track and could undoubtedly hear the heavy beating of a drum kit each lane we turned down had graffiti art more impressive from the last. As soon as we hit Elliot St the indie-ness of the event was like a slap in the face. Boys were sporting ponytails and buns, with hair much prettier than mine! And girls were donning outfits commonly seen in the 80s. Beanbags and mats scattered the street and people lounged and grooved to their hearts intent. The wine pops and mexican food were on hot demand and deliciously handmade icey-poles were being quickly devoured.

The Drunk Mums chaotic tunes blasted through the street and had party goers dancing all round. The DJ's offered a more casual response and patrons were seen lounging in the afternoon sun. I, a man and Them Swoops also had their share of playing the street and did not disappoint.

For my first street party Razzmatazz certainly didn't disappoint and I'll definitely be back. Let's hope we can get away with this again, legally.

All images are from a talented photographer (not me guys!) check them in full here:

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