Monday, February 13, 2012

Days like these

Even with the gloomy weather and occasional drizzle the crowds were still pumping through the gates and crowding the trams. Offering a great array of bands, live entertainment, freebies and food there isn't any wonder for the reasons behind the festivals popularity.

This for me was my first St.Kilda festival event and from it I've learnt that St.Kilda really knows how it's done. There's no other backdrop like theirs; whether it be luna park, the vast stretch of sand or numerous palm tree silhouettes anywhere you look is somewhere worth looking.

As for the bands I still can't believe all the talent I witnessed for the mere price of a train ticket, a fraction of what I normally spend at other festivals. My day started off watching the ferociously growing band Stonefield. The young girls with their long flowing locks certainly give you a bit of a shock when they open their mouths and the strong rasping vocals come crawling out. Standing out against their fellow up-and-comers Stonefield's musical style is that of 80's rock band, but with woman thrashing their heads and strumming their guitars.

Owl Eyes was my next venture and boy did this little lady entertain! On the slightly lower O'Donnel Garden stage and the tiny frame of Brooke Addamo ( Owl Eyes front woman) it made it even harder to get visibility of her magic at work. I deeply considered this point whilst listening to her soft, perfectly pitched vocals and decided that no, you don't need to see her face. Her voice casts the perfect image. This however doesn't mean I didn't see her because I did. The fact that she kept on going whilst the rain showed it's presence won a lot of brownie points with me as well.

Whilst admiring the wonderfully scenery that is St.Kilda beach I overhead the amazing beats of Big Scary. A band that I hadn't been acquainted with before but have now, thanks to the St.Kilda festival, made space for on my ipod.

Way back when at a fashion show long, long ago there was a band that followed up the beautiful flowy dresses. That band was Alpine. With the two eccentric lead singers and their harmonic duets together I was mesmerised. They quickly became heavily featured on my '25 most played' playlist and I worked my butt off introducing them to all my friends and sharing their wonder. Since then they are almost a household name, and their amazing live performance at St.Kilda festival will only assure them of this. Watching them, slightly in awe, I couldn't help but feel proud knowing that I'd discovered them early on. And that when they sung their older songs; 'Heartlove', 'Icypole' and 'Too Safe' I was right there singing with them. Of course when their most recent and highly popular song 'Hands' pumped out of the speakers the crowd did the same, and no doubt felt just as proud of their lyric abilities. It's easy to say that these guys are a band I am going to stick with, I am at times get into hardcore fanship but who doesn't with a band they love? And isn't it after all the very reason they do what they do.

The stunning sunset over the main stage and St.Kilda beach.

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